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The Hosts

The Hosts

Better Words is a podcast about books, movies, music, or anything else that takes our fancy. Started by two book bloggers who also happen to be best friends. Make yourself a cup of tea and join Caitlin and Michelle for Better Words.

Michelle || The Unfinished Bookshelf
Michelle started her blog while studying journalism, and now, The Unfinished Bookshelf has been running for five years. By day, she’s a newspaper reporter, but in her spare time Michelle frequently participates in chats and engages with the bookish community. She is obsessed with The Beatles, loves pugs, and tap dancing.

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Caitlin || Just A Bookish Babe
Inspired by her friends (including Michelle), Caitlin started a bookstagram account in 2015. After posting on and off, not really finding the way, she re-launched with a new name and a blog in January 2016. Caitlin had been blogging less than six months before the idea for Better Words came around, but there’s no time like the present! She loves musical theatre, TV sitcoms, anything choc-mint and only drinks black teas.

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