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Shownote: The universal language with Cristy Burne

Shownote: The universal language with Cristy Burne

Welcome Cristy! You can follow Cristy online on her website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Find Zeros and Ones: The Geeks, Heros and Hackers Who Changes History on Goodreads


Everyone’s A Combo Of A “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Actor And Character — Here’s Yours

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Caitlin’s first read of the year, Letters To My Yesterday by Karen Sepulveda (Goodreads)

We’ve both read and loved What I Like About Me by Jenna Guillaume (Goodreads)

Caitlin is getting all nostalgic watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch!

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Michelle’s been loving Netflix’s Stay Here

We’ve both found a new fun podcast called Shameless!


Also, what do you think of the V String? I tried this year’s most controversial bikini trend, the V-string


Have you been following the Caroline Carroway saga? Check out this Twitter thread! 

We’re so excited that Carly Findlay’s book, Say Hello is in the world! Listen to our lovely chat with Carly here