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Shownotes: Newt Scamander Fan Club

Shownotes: Newt Scamander Fan Club

Time for a chat about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! Do yourself a favour and read all the trivia on IMDB.

Animales Fantasticos! Caitlin saw this movie for the first time in Mexico.













Did you know that a ‘Muggle,’ In The Muggle World, Once Referred To A Marijuana Cigarette?

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Our favourite costumes were Queenie’s!

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Also we love Jacob.

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Creepy as hell witch song anybody?


Caitlin would like a Newt era Hufflepuff scarf please.

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You can learn all about the many different creatures in the Harry Potter universe on Pottermore, but here’s Caitlin and Michelle’s faves.


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Also watch Eddie teach Jimmy Fallon the mating dance!


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Ezra Miller is amazing as Credence Barebone. Just because we love Ezra Miller, watch The Perks of Being A Wallflower trailer


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They have the same haircut.

Jude Law at the 2016 Venice Film Festival

Jude Law cast as Albus Dumbledore in next Fantastic Beasts film