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Shownotes: Spilling the tea

Shownotes: Spilling the tea

Who loves a good dance movie?

Or a good Greek movie?

Did you celebrate Harry Potter Book Night?

And shoutout to Sarah from Commas and Ampersands for making Queenie’s Apple Strudel! Follow her on Instagram now!

So now we are spilling the tea…

Independent booksellers could join forces to compete with chains

Read Michelle’s blog post about supporting the publishing industry.

Philip Pullman leads writers condemning ‘pernicious’ book discounts

Instagram is changing the way we experience art — and that’s a good thing

Should we care about book awards? Listen to Reading Glasses Podcast!

Helen Dunmore wins Costa book of the year for Inside the Wave

Daniel Radcliffe weighs in on Johnny Depp remaining in ‘Fantastic Beasts’

J.K. Rowling blocked a fan on Twitter after she asked her why Johnny Depp would still be in ‘Fantastic Beasts’

Dumbledore Won’t Be Explicitly Gay in Fantastic Beasts 2—but Why?

J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts Flirts With Gay Allegory. Its Sequels Should Go All the Way.


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