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Shownotes: Must read book of the year with Tonile from My Cup and Chaucer

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My Cup and Chaucer | Musings on books, tea, and everything in between

Caitlin’s been rewatching Glee and loving it!

Watch this sweet moment from season 3 of Glee, a star named Finn Hudson.

If you haven’t listened to The LadyGang podcast, you should!

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Check out Gruen‘s episode about Taylor Swift’s marketing and branding, even if you’re not a Swiftie it’s so interesting!

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Watch the Lemonade parody on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Watch the trailer for Toast of London

Have you watched Friends From College?


Check out Hachette’s awesome bookshelves!

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Did you read ‘the best book of 2016’?

Check out The Dry by Jane Harper on Goodreads.


Be inspired by Tonile’s AMAZING book room/personal library. WE WANT IT SO BAD.

Check out Zoella’s book club here! And of course her YouTube channel.

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We’ve discussed a few of the books we bought in Brisbane during this episode, check out Staying sexy and getting kinky in Brisbane now!

Found this awesome t-shirt, who else needs this?

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