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Shownotes: The vulnerability of life writing with Bri Lee

Bri Lee is here! Check out Bri’s website, follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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Also check out her books Eggshell Skull and Beauty


Michelle is finally up to season 5 of Younger!

Caitlin read Beautiful Mess by Claire Christian over the weekend (Goodreads)

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The ‘Always Be Optimising’ essay by Jia Tolentino that Bri mentions is included in Jia’s book,Trick Mirror (Goodreads

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The Shameless Podcast episode that includes the discussion about Shawn Mendes that Michelle mentions is ‘Textbook faux-mance’ (Apple Podcasts)

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Check out The Pound Project! A crowdfunding publisher based in the UK. 

To learn more about the campaign to have the Queensland Law Reform Commission review consent and ‘mistake of fact’ laws, check out consentlawqld.com