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Transcript: Is Molly Short for Margaret?

Transcript: Is Molly Short for Margaret?

Michelle: Well hello there, welcome to Better Words. I’m Michelle from The Unfinished Bookshelf

Caitlin: And I’m Caitlin, Just a Booksih Babe

Michelle: Um, so we are sitting here recording in the height of glamour, like the podcast stars we are. I am in my actual pyjamas because we’re recording at my house and Caitlin is in clothes she described as ‘basically pyjamas’

Caitlin: Yeah, like clothes that are pyjamas, but are also clothes. So, like, I drove here. It was okay, I’m wearing clothes

Michelle: So, Caitlin conveniently lives like a one minute drive from my house

Caitlin: So much fun

Michelle: So it’s pretty easy, it makes for good girls nights. So I love the shirt that Caitlin is wearing. We actually have matching ones, um, it’s because we’re total Friends freaks

Caitlin: [hums theme song]

[both clapping and laughing]

Michelle: Um, so Caitlin’s shirt says how you doin’

Caitlin: How you doin’

Michelle: [laughs] So Caitlin, how you doin’? How was your day?

Caitlin: I’m doin’ fine. Although actually I have to admit, my arms are a bit sore because I went to my first boxing class at the gym this afternoon

Michelle: Oh that’s so good! How fun is it though?

Caitlin: It was really fun. I don’t know how I’m going to feel tomorrow

Michelle: [laughs] I also did some exercise after work, but–

Caitlin: Aren’t we fit? We’re so good

Michelle: It makes up, almost, for the chocolate that I eat. [laughs]. So I went to tap class and our tap routine this year for a dance festival in September is to Footloose. Um, which sounds fun, unless you’re trying to tap to it–

Caitlin: That’s a really good point

Michelle: In which case it is so fast that your feet are just flying. I am a little bit behind, but you know what? We’ve got ‘til September so I’m hoping that we’ll get there

Caitlin: Yeah you will, you’ll be fine

Michelle: Um, my tap class I just have to say, shoutout to my amazing tap class, they are the most amazing group of ladies and they’ve made me very welcome and the oldest one of us is actually 80 this year

Caitlin: Oh my god

Michelle: I know, it’s amazing! And they’ve all been doing it for years and they just like welcomed me like part of the group. So tap nights are always really fun because everyone’s like family. It’s so beautiful

Caitlin: Oh that’s so nice.

Michelle: So Caitlin, what have you been like reading, watching, generally consuming lately

Caitlin: Well, I have just finished my re-read of the Harry Potter series

Michelle: Oh yay! Perfect timing too with the celebrations

Caitlin: Yeah, it really is. Although I have to admit I did not know about that when I started re-reading the series–

Michelle: [laughs]

Caitlin: Which I feel like such a bad Potterhead. Anyway, so yes re-reading the HArry Potter series. In line with that I’ve also been listening to Witch, Please

Michelle: Yes! Such a good podcast

Caitlin: An amazing podcast

Michelle: Such a good podcast

Caitlin: Then with that the only other thing I’ve been listening to is Divide by Ed Sheeran which I know of course is your favourite too

Michelle: It really is. I actually can’t–

Caitlin: What is your favourite song

Michelle: Oh I was just gonna say it’s Shape of You. Like, I know that’s so generic but I love the beat and it’s kind of weird, it almost doesn’t sound like an Ed Sheeran song

Caitlin: Yeah. I think my favourite’s– oh god this is really hard. I really love, okay, Galway Girl

Michelle: Yes

Caitlin: Nancy Mulligan and Eraser

Michelle: Oh Eraser’s really good. I think–

Caitlin: I just wanna learn all the words. Like that’s my goal

Michelle: Yeah. That’s really cool. Um, I have been watching a lot of TV lately because I’m kind of on a bit of a break from uni and going into the next semester and things are a little bit, um, quieter

Caitlin: You sort of have free time

Michelle: Yeah, so I’ve been catching up on some TV series. I just finished Season 4 of Game of Thrones.

Caitlin: Like god, she’s so behind, right?

Michelle: I was just going to say, for the first time! I am so behind everything.

Caitlin: Although, I have to admit, I have never seen a single episode

Michelle: I actively avoid things that are hyped and I’m not usually a fan of fantasy, so Game of Thrones was never, like, a big thing for me, but one of my closest friends was like ‘you’ll love it’ and promised that he’d watched Veronica Mars which is my favourite TV show if I watched Game of Thrones. And it’s worked out pretty well ‘cause I am loving it. No spoilers, please from anybody. Don’t tweet me spoilers

Caitlin: Really, really serious about this: no spoilers

Michelle: Like, I know–

Caitlin: Although, Michelle [whispers] Jon Snow dies [laughs]

Michelle: I’m just trying to forget. I’m trying to forget all these random spoilers

Caitlin: Doesn’t he come back to life? Oh, let’s not talk about it

Michelle: No, I think he does. Anyway, let’s– okay. Um, the other thing I’ve been watching and really getting into lately is Dear White People on Netflix. So it’s a Netflix original series, um, which I actually only found out today, when I was researching my notes for this podcast recording, that–

Caitlin: [fake coughing]

Michelle: [laughs] I’m really organised. Um, it’s actually like a series version of a film from 2014

Caitlin: Oh really? That’s not that long ago

Michelle: I know! And I don’t know if it’s because the film didn’t get like a proper cinema release in Australia or whether it didn’t get a release where we live, which in case you didn’t know is, um, Rockhampton in regional Queensland so we don’t necessarily get all of the big hits.

Caitlin: No. The cinemas are so bad here, it’s really annoying actually

Michelle: Just like off-topic, but I actually double tickets, like a double pass, to see the new movie Jackie last year

Caitlin: Yeah, with Natalie Portman

Michelle: Yeah! I wrote this amazing response to this Dymocks giveaway about what my favourite film was, about Spotlight because it’s amazing, but that’s for another time, and I won these passes. Not playing in our cinema. What a waste of a free double pass

Caitlin: Ridiculous. Like, I won it! Put it on for me!

Michelle: Put it on just for me. Um, so I think the thing with Dear White People, and I wrote some notes down on my phone and because I’m so organised have not had it open, um so I think the thing with Dear White People is that it’s such an interesting format. Every episode, um, it kind of, it switches which main character it follows, but it’ll like follows an overarching thing where a lot of these incidences– So it starts with a blackface party, it’s at an Ivy League college in America, starts with a blackface party um and then things escalate to the point where a security guard pulls a gun on an unarmed black student at a party. So clearly these issues are very, very contemporary and it’s stuff we should be talking about and stuff that we as white people should be consuming and try to understand. I really want to increase my understanding of these things. So it all kind of is leading up to a protest march. Um so there’s also a lot of exploration of sexuality, it’s not just racism and there’s lots of issues in there, there’s like female friendships, um, there’s a lot about just discovering who you are as a person as well and it’s a lot more than just overt racism which I think is really, really interesting and each episode is only half an hour

Caitlin: You know what? This is really going to show some of the differences between me and Michelle is that I always feel like she’s watching these really important shows I should be watching

Michelle: [laughs]

Caitlin: And meanwhile, my most recent thing that I’ve just finished like binge watching for the second time: That 70’s Show. Yeah

Michelle: [laughs]

Caitlin: So, that kind of highlights some of our differences

Michelle: Caitlin, you shouldn’t feel too bad because literally right before you came over, and the other thing I wanted to say I’ve been binging on lately, is Dance Moms

Caitlin: Oh god

Michelle: Um because I don’t usually watch much reality TV, House Rules is my only exception and I get so into that, I have discussions with my mum about what each room looks like and I just love it, but um I found it in my catch-up app and I’ve never been able to watch all the episodes of Dance Moms because it’s been on pay TV. So I started watching and even though I feel like I’m watching a trainwreck, I feel like the mums are not great people–

Caitlin: That’s the thing about a trainwreck, is that you can’t look away

Michelle: I know! And I can’t look away and I’ve got to say, Abbey Lee-Miller wonderful choreographer, questionable teaching techniques, but you gotta hand it to her, she knows her stuff.

Caitlin: Wow

Michelle: I mean, she does. So I’m making up for it by watching Dear White People and being a little bit intellectual and then I’m letting my brain rot watching Dance Moms.

Caitlin: Fair enough. Well, speaking of being a little intellectual Michelle, what was one of your favourite books when you were a kid

Michelle: Oh well, um–

Caitlin: I’m sorry, did you get my joke? A little intellectual

Michelle: [laughs] oh my gosh

Caitlin: I tried to be funny

Michelle: It was good

Caitlin: Thank you

Michelle: I think my favourite book that like I can just remember the first one I totally fell in love with was a book called Molly Moon’s Incredible Book of Hypnotism, I think it’s Georgina Byng. I’m, I’m sorry for the pronunciation there

Caitlin: It’s fine, we’ll like it

Michelle: We’ll link it and speaking of which, we’ll have some links at the end of the show where you can find all the notes from today’s episode where we will link you to everything we discuss so you can check out these amazing books and TV shows too. Okay. [laughs] It was Molly Moon’s Incredible Book of Hypnotism and I remember reading that and just– I think that was the first book I just had to devour. I just couldn’t stop reading it until I had finished

Caitlin: Your first real page turner

Michelle: And my first proper ‘chapter book’ as well

Caitlin: Oh, like–

Michelle: Like a ‘big people’ book. I think I was about seven or eight. Obviously it’s an incredibly long title, so that made me feel quite smart. But it’s basically, it’s about an orphan who discovers this incredible book of hypnotism, funnily enough, and–

Caitlin: You don’t say? It’s right there in the title, I never would have guesses

Michelle: [laughs] And she is in this orphanage, basically her life is pretty shit. She discovers she has this amazing talent for hypnotism and uses it to get fame and fortune, but not everything goes to plan and someone else is after the book and even though she’s living this amazing life in New York by the end, because she’s conner her way–

Caitlin: Wow

Michelle: It’s very much Eloise at the Plaza meets Home Alone

Caitlin: Wow

Michelle: But it’s so good. I still have such a soft spot for it, I’ve read it so many times. What about you?

Caitlin: Well, what I was going to say for my favourite book, the one I always remember as my favourite book from when I was a kid was the Milly, Molly, Many stories–

Michelle: Ohhh

Caitlin: By Joyce Lancaster Brisley

Michelle: See, you were more prepared than me

Caitlin: They were so sweet. Like, my aunt and my grandmother used to read me all the different stories, ‘cause you know they’re only like short, about how she would pick like her coins and go buy lollies. Ohh, they were just so sweet. Actually, when I was five we had you know, like a book day at school and I dressed up as Milly Molly Mandy. My grandmother made me a Milly Molly Mandy dress, with her pink and white stripes and white belt

Michelle: That’s the sweetest

Caitlin: I still have it somewhere

Michelle: Oh that’s so cute

Caitlin: You know it would barely fit on my arm now


Michelle: So were you like a reader as a child?

Caitlin: Yeah, I always was. I mean, my aunt especially was a reader and she would always like read me stories. Like she actually bought me– she would buy me like these hardcover copies of all like the Enid Blyton books

Michelle: Oh I had them too! Okay, this is like a really weird thing, but did yours have like politically incorrect names, like Fanny and Dick or did yours have like whatever they changed it to later

Caitlin: No. I definitely had like– was it in the Faraway Tree where they had like cousin Dick?

Michelle: Yes! Because my friend–

Caitlin: Did they change that?

Michelle: They changed them.

Caitlin: Oh, come on guys

Michelle: I know!

Caitlin: It’s cousin Dick

Michelle: My mum found my copies at this garage sale and they were the old copies so they had been loved so much by other children before I even got them and I loved them so much. I loved the stories

Caitlin: You see I have like this– you know I had new hardcover copies so I had a lot of Enid Blyton ones like the Amelia Jane stories and the Wishing Chair ones and then I had these illustrated versions of the Faraway Tree series

Michelle: Oh that’s beautiful

Caitlin: They’re gorgeous. I really need to go back and re-read them. I just loved the stores so much. But I also had a couple that were the same hardcover collection, but I had like The Secret Garden and Treasure Island and they were like classics. I can never remember what they were called and I have not seen them anywhere, but I have a lot

Michelle: Um, did you read like a lot of different type of authors or did you just stick to those ones?

Caitlin: I mean, I read all the Enid Blyton and everything like that, but I mean Roald Dahl, I used to pick up random stories from the school library. You know like when you used to go like–

Michelle: like, as a class?

Caitlin: As a class. And you got to pick our your books for the week.

Michelle: Legit my favourite class at school

Caitlin: Oh, best time ever

Michelle: Roald Dahl was a big one for me too. Um, I remember–

Caitlin: Wasn’t he for everyone?

Michelle: [laughs]

Caitlin: Amazing man, Roald Dahl

Michelle: I think he has something for everyone as well. So I remember picking up The Witches at the bookstore when I was probably about eight or nine and I started reading it in the car because I don’t get car sick, I actually learnt to read in the car–

Caitlin: I don’t know about learning to read in the car, but I’ve always been able to read in vehicles

Michelle: I’m so grateful, that’s where I do most of my reading. [laughs]

Caitlin: Same. Not while we’re driving! Of course. Safety first, kids

Michelle: Now I don’t get to, but yeah when I used to take the bus to school and stuff that was like an hour of reading time

Caitlin: If I could commute to work and like take trains or whatever, I would

Michelle: Oh yeah.

Caitlin: ‘Cause I would get to read

Michelle: But literally, we both live like five minutes away from work

Caitlin: It’s not worth it

Michelle: Um, so yeah, I remember picking up The Witches and starting to read it, you know that bit at the start where he goes through how witches can be hidden anywhere and I remember being in the car park of the shopping centre and like literally looking up from the book, looking out the window and going ‘oh my god, they could be anywhere’. I loved it so much and I loved Matilda as well

Caitlin: Yes

Michelle: And the movie as well!

Caitlin: My real thing with Matilda was that after I read Matilda I was like staring at water glases trying to make them tip over

[both laughing]

Michelle: Oh I love it

Caitlin: Because who doesn’t want magical powers, guys?

Michelle: And I think most readers will identify with Matilda in the first place for her love of books

Caitlin: Yeah

Michelle: Um, and I guess–

Caitlin: I thought it was so cool she would just like go to the library every day, cause I didn’t know how to get to the library. [laughs] Like I couldn’t have done that myself

Michelle: I actually, I wanted to ask about that. How did you pick up new books? Like I went to the library a lot with my mum, we used to take a basket with us and I just remember filling that basket with so many books and um one of the libraries we used to have when I was a kid is gone, but one of the libraries is the same, I think they’re renovating it now which makes me a tiny bit sad because until that point, I would walk in it would smell the same, things would be in the same place and it would just be like childhood, right in the feels

Caitlin: Well, I definitely did go to the library. I actually um– one of my dad’s younger sisters made me a library bag because she was always really good at sewing. So she made me this library bag and it had my name on it and I thought it was the best thing ever. I went to– yeah, I still have that too.

Michelle: [laughs]

Caitlin: I collect things. But yeah, oh my god it was the best thing ever. So I used to take that as my library bag. I don’t remember going a whole lot, but I definitely did go, but a lot of my family are readers and I think I used to get books as gifts as well and like borrow from– like because both my grandparents had books their kids had had so I borrowed those as well.

Michelle: Yeah. Did that kind of stay the same for you throughout high school and stuff or did that kind of change when you went to high school? Because I know a lot of people, when they’re in high school, stop reading a bit

Caitlin: Unfortunately, I did. I mean, I stopped sort of reading long books. I don’t know how many times I re-read Harry Potter when I was in high school

Michelle: [laughs]

Caitlin: But I mean, for some reason it was like I didn’t have time time. I don’t know. I was definitely still a reader, I still remember reading more than my friends, kind of, if they weren’t really readers. I still read new books and like I said, I re-read Harry Potter. I read the Hunger Games series while I was in high school as well

Michelle: Oh, okay

Caitlin: But I would borrow books from the school library to take home on school holidays. Did you ever do that?

Michelle: I was in my library every day at lunch time and not just cause it was the only place that had air conditioning. I would always have a book with me at school. I would take a book with me to like every class, you know just in case you finish a little early or you have extra time

Caitlin: Wow

Michelle: That kind of dropped of a bit when I was in high school, but you know you might have like five minutes between classes or you know, if you’re waiting for a teacher. So I always had a book with me and I was constantly in the library looking for new books. I think when I got into high school, my main source of books became the school library and that really changed me as a reader, because we didn’t have a ‘teen’ section, we had like a children’s and a kind of adult secion, not adult, but like older section. So I obviously, being 14 or 15 at the time, and I’ve always read– I was looking for more stimulation reads and I started looking in the more adultish section of our school library and I think I kind of skipped reading young adult books as a teen, when I should have been reading them. I started reading a lot of Jodi Picoult, um, I started with I think it was Harvesting the Heart I started with and I remember really loving it and I think I picked that up because– oh sorry, it was Picture Perfect I started with. This woman wakes up with amnesia and it;s all about piecing together her life. It’s really good and I think I picked that up because I knew we were going to read My Sister’s Keeper in Grade 10 so I think earlier that year, before we read it for English, I thought I’d read some of her books and I read a lot of Sophie Kinsella, the Shopaholic series and a lot of her standalone books

Caitlin: They’re lovely

Michelle: They are laugh out loud funny

Caitlin: Yeah

Michelle: They are so good. Yeah, I think I just started reading lots of adult–

Caitlin: I like how you said you skipped reading young adult books when you were actually a teenager. I read mostly, well I still do (gotta love YA), but I started reading a lot when we were in– well, not when we were in, when I was in uni. Like, when I started uni I started reading more. Funnily enough, I had more time when I was in university. Believe me or not

Michelle: I think that’s because you’re classes aren’t necessarily all day

Caitlin: Well, yeah, it’s a very different dynamic between high school and university

Michelle: And that’s where I kind of found young adult, because it was at uni that I found Goodreads and that I found other people whose blogs I would end up following and they were mostly reading young adult and that’s when I started to get interested in it. The library where I studied on the Gold Coast also had a really good teen section and it was funny ‘cause yeah, I kind of went like air quotes backwards, in terms of getting– of starting to read stuff– I mean, I was still a teenager. In Queensland, you’re about 17 when you go to university straight out of high school, so I was still a teenager. But it was kind of funny that I stopped reading adult books for a while and just went straight to teen and that’s when I started blogging and found more and more books and realised it was more than just Twilight

Caitlin: Oh my god. Yes. I read Twilight when I was in high school

Michelle: Yeah, sadly I did too. [laughs] I think we’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Caitlin: Yeah. It’s like a real Twilight phase I think, like when it came out

Michelle: Oh yeah. Yeah. It swept through the school

Caitlin: And when it came out–

Michelle: Everyone was reading it, everyone was excited

Caitlin: I remember one of my friends was reading it, or like reading New Moon or something in between, like at lunch or something and I remember being like, I was like ‘oh you’re reading Twilight’ or whatever, but then I read it and I really liked it. Of course I wouldn’t read it again.

Michelle: No, I just like to erase that from my reading history

Caitlin: See, like I literally forgot that I’d read it in high school when we were talking about what we read in high school. I did not, like I forgot


Michelle: Um, so you’ve been– like, I’ve been blogging now since I started university which is about five years ago. God, I’m terrible at maths. It’s about five years. It’s about five years since, and I’ve been– obviously that’s changed my reading habits and my– When I was just at the library I would pick up so many books, get a few pages in and be like ‘nup, this isn’t for me, giving up on it, don’t like it’. Now, I do that less only because the recommendations I’m getting through reviews from other people or from you or like oh I found this author’s book, I’m going to read all their work, um tend to just be more nuanced. So, I’m finding books I know I’ll like

Caitlin: That’s a really good point. I remember you know like going to the library, just reading a book, you’d look at the title of something, read the blurb, kind of be like ‘oh, I’ll give this a go’ whereas we’re getting recommendations now with reading other books by authors we already like. I hadn’t really considered that

Michelle: Um, I don’t even–

Caitlin: That’s a good point

Michelle: I don’t even read blurbs anymore because they give so much away

Caitlin: You think?

Michelle: Yeah! And I hate, like we’re going a little bit off-topic here, but I hate blurbs because (I think this should really be a topic for a future Don’t Get Me Started) but I really dislike blurbs because I feel like they just give so much away. Sometimes they pick a point or a point that will happen and then you spend the whole book waiting for that and expecting that, and it might not happen until three quarters of the way through and then you feel let down, so I just feel like it creates unrealistic expectations. I like to go in with the barest knowledge of what the book is about

Caitlin: Fair enough. And you know what? We will leave that discussion there, stay tuned for a later episode about blurbs

Michelle: [laughs]

Michelle: Um, so, what about you? Blogging?

Caitlin: Blogging really does change your reading habits. I actually, through becoming friends with you Michelle and some other people, I started a book Instagram in 2015, no 2016, yeah in 2016

Michelle: What year even is it?

Caitlin: We’re so bad at maths. It’s no coincidence this podcast is called Better Words, not Better Numbers. Anywho, yeah so I started the book Instagram in 2016 and oh my god, I was so all over the place with it, I fell off the wagon. Anyway, so I actually only started my blog in January 2017. So it’s been going for like six months. But even in that time, it has really changed my reading habits. Although, to be fair, I also re-read Harry Potter this year so it’s not too much of a change from my reading habits

Michelle: Yeah. I think the other thing–

Caitlin: But the changes, even when I had book Instagram and everything, it changes the way you feel about books because you want to have new books to photograph and new books to talk about

Michelle: Ohh, I was just gonna say that my actual collection of books has grown so much, it’s actually ridiculous

Caitlin: Yeah

Michelle: And I’ve had to move twice and it’s not fun

Caitlin: In the past like two and a half years, my book collection has tripled almost. And that is not all to do with blogging. I mean, before that I had no money

Michelle: I mean, that’s the interesting point too. Going from high school, where basically my parents were my financial everything and we were both privileged to be in that position, but to go to the point where you are in control of you own finances–

Caitlin: Exactly

Michelle: And also I was living out of home, so it was like I just had this freedom to go and buy a book–

Caitlin: Make decisions for yourself and we’re both lucky enough to work full time and have a fair amount of disposable income, which we can spend on books, which we love

Michelle: But that’s probably going to be the topic for another podcast as well, because I have a lot to say on that. But–

Caitlin: We’re really getting off– we’re getting a bit off topic

Michelle: I do think that’s a great topic. And the other thing is, um, I’ve got a lot of books too because of my work as a journalist. I get sent a lot of books not only because of my blog but because I’m a journalist and some components of my job in the past have involved reviewing books. Which has been great fun, but also means you just get sent an overwhelming amount of books

Caitlin: Which is such a shame sometimes if you don’t have the time to read them, when someone else could be

Michelle: Which is why I like to pass them along. Um, so speaking of–

Caitlin: It’s really interesting how different things change your reading habits. I’m sorry, I just completely cut you off

Michelle: Yeah, I was going to have a really good segway there–

Caitlin: I’m sorry Michelle

Michelle: I was going to say, speaking of passing on, should we pass over to our next little thing we’re going to do? We’re going to play a little game of Would You Rather? Because that’s always fun. Games are fun

Caitlin: Yes, and I came up with some tough questions

Michelle: They’re really tough

Caitlin: So Michelle, are you ready?

Michelle: I’m ready Caitlin

Caitlin: Okay. Here we go. So, Michelle: would you rather only ever get to re-read your favourite childhood book over and over for the rest of your life, which would be that one about the horoscopes or something [laughs] I’m sorry

Michelle: Horoscopes


Michelle: It was Molly Moon’s Incredible Book of Hypnotism

Caitlin: I’m really sorry Michelle, it’s a very long title

Michelle: You know what? I think that it’s being made into a movie. I’m going to research this for our shownotes, but if it is I’m taking you to see it. I’m dying to see this movie. I’m so excited. Anyway. Would you rather. Would you rather re-read Molly Moon’s Incredible Book of Hypnotism

Both: Over and over

Caitlin: For the rest of your life

Michelle: Yep. Or?

Caitlin: Or only ever get to read textbooks for the rest of your life?

Michelle: Oh my goodness, that is such a hard question

Caitlin: Yes it is

Michelle: Because I’ve already read Molly Moon’s Incredible Book of Hypnotism, which we’re now just going to refer to as Molly Moon because that is such a long title

Caitlin: It’s a long title

Michelle: Very impressive for a seven year old to be able to read that book, I still think

Caitlin: [laughs]

Michelle: I’ve already read Molly Moon so much I could pretty much tell you every single plot point. If I choose the fiction option, what do I do about university when I have to read a textbook?

Caitlin: You’re only allowed to read textbooks, that’s no problem. You might as well just study for the rest of your life

Michelle: But if I choose the other option, like if I choose to go with fiction, how do I deal with university then? Am I not allowed to read textbooks?

Caitlin: I guess you better make some uni friends who can do your assignments for you

Michelle: [laughs]

Caitlin: You can only read one book for the rest of your life

Michelle: Okay, in that case, I’m going with textbooks, because I have a loophole which is that my uni course is a Masters of Arts (Writing and Literature) and some of our set texts are fictional books

Caitlin: Oh she’s got me in the loophole there

Michelle: [laughs] But also, I mean, it’s always good to learn isn’t it? And I’m not going to learn much from Molly Moon

Caitlin: No

Michelle: It is a great books though. What would you choose?

Caitlin: I would choose textbooks as well because as many different Milly Molly Mandy stories as there are or… oh my god I just forgot her real name–

Michelle: [laughs]

Caitlin: Hang on. What’s the full version of Molly? Margaret. It’s Millicent Margaret Amanda. That’s what it is

Michelle: Is that for real? My mum’s name is Margaret and no one’s ever called her Molly?

Caitlin: I mean, when was Milly Molly Mandy written, Michelle?

Michelle: I don’t know, but people call her Maggie. Molly doesn’t make any sense

Caitlin: I’m pretty sure Molly came from Margaret. I’m really sorry if I got that wrong, we’ll check that and let you know

Michelle: How? Because like there are no– the only letters that correspond are M. There are no corresponding letters.

Caitlin: We could get all up in nicknames, because that really bugs me (Robert, you are not a Bob). Anywho [laughter] I would pick textbooks because at least I’d be reading something different and I could…

Michelle: You could learn. You could read feminism textbooks or feminist texts

Caitlin: Feminist texts. Literature texts. Marketing. I mean, you wouldn’t catch me with an engineering textbook or anything because, real boring, but you know. But yeah, I’d pick textbooks. Okay Michelle are you ready for your second question?

Michelle: Oh, yes we get a second one. Yay.

Caitlin: Okay. Michelle: would you rather only ever get to read books that you have already read but keep blogging or get to read new books as you please, but never ever blog about them or comment about them on social media. This includes Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress blogs, everything. So basically, you’re excluding yourself from the bookish community, but you can read whatever you want

Michelle: This is so hard. Wait. Does our podcast count.

Caitlin: Yes. Because technically isn’t this like kind of blogging? It’s audio blogging. Is a podcast audio blogging? I think so, yes.

Michelle: Damn. Does like a physical book club count? Like if I go out and make a book club to talk about books

Caitlin: Yes. I’m going to add that in. Also means you can’t be on Goodreads.

Michelle: Damn. That’s how I keep track of what I’m reading

Caitlin: Yeah, me too

Michelle: And you know, I like lists. I’m a very organised person and I love lists

Caitlin: Oh I’m very organised, I love Goodreads. If you’re not on Goodreads, you really should be. Okay, what do you choose?

Michelle: Okay, so–

Caitlin: What do you choose Michelle

Michelle: Umm, I think I’m going to go with new books because I can talk about them in person with you and my mum and it will just be like– I mean, I lived like that for what, like, a good 16 years before I found Goodreads. I can do it again!

Caitlin: That’s a really good point

Michelle: But I’ve got to say that I would– I love the bookish community so much, so it’s a tough question. I just think they would get bored of me talking about the same books. Which, I kind of do already. But, you know, I think there are so many good new books always coming out and there’s always something to learn that it would be detrimental to me as a person to not take advantage of all the new things we can learn by reading new books

Caitlin: Damn it, you have such a good answer

Michelle: [laughs]

Caitlin: I have to say, I was serously considering staying within the bookish community and just going on books I’ve already read because I mean, that means I can re-read all my favourite series

Both: You can re-read Harry Potter

Caitlin: Re-read Harry Potter again and, like, a lot of other things that I’ve already read. Because, I mean, there are so many books I loved that I want to re-read

Michelle: But think of all the new books you might love

Caitlin: All the new books. God this is so hard

Michelle: What are you going to choose?

Caitlin: Okay, I’m really sorry that we’ve had the same answers for both questions, but I can’t go past new books. Thankfully, this is not a real life situation–

Michelle: Thank god

Caitlin: And we can keep blogging and podcasting together

Michelle: Which is good because, this is only episode three and we weren’t planning to stop. So you’ve got us for a little while yet

Caitlin: Yeah, exactly. It’s not over here. Stay tuned, subscribe.

Michelle: Although, it is over for this episode. We’re going to say goodbye now. I’m going to go have a nice little tea and read a bit more of my book, because what else would I do. Yeah, we’re going to say goodbye and if you want to follow us, we would love you to rate, review and subscribe (it does actually help people find the podcast as well) and we would be very appreciative of any ratings you’d like to give us

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Caitlin: Yeah, find the books we mentioned, the movies we mentioned, whether Margaret has a nickname that is Molly. I really don’t– I’m sure that’s right. I’m sorry

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Michelle: You know what? I’m just going to check that

Caitlin: You don’t know your own Twitter handle?

Michelle: No, it’s because they’re both different. No that’s right. It’s okay. People, go with what I said before


Michelle: You know what? We’re going to get better at this, hopefully

Caitlin: Every single episode will be better so you should really keep listening

Michelle: But we love you for listening, thank you for listening

Caitlin: Let us know if you’re listening because oh my god, we will love you

Michelle: Otherwise we’re just talking into a void and my mum’s probably the only listener. Hi mum! But seriously we love you for listening, thank you for joining us and we hope you join us next time for Better Words

Both: Bye