Episode 2

Writing the stories we needed with Nina Kenwood

It Sounded Better In My Head seems to have been the talk of the Australian bookstagram community for the past few months. Nina Kenwood has worked in the book industry for over a decade, including with Melbourne’s iconic Readings bookshop. After winning the 2018 Text Prize, her first novel was published in Australia in August (and will be out in the UK and US in early 2020). We talked to Nina about her writing and publishing journey, body positive characters and how much we love Aussie's summer Christmas.

To start, Michelle and Caitlin are talking about how the seasons are changing and sharing their new favourite podcast and tv obsessions. Interview starts at 21:45.

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Caitlin Toohey

Hi, I'm Caitlin! I've been on bookstagram since 2016, a podcaster since 2017, and worked in publishing since 2019. So books and reading are my entire life. When I'm not reading, I like listening to Taylor Swift, watching sitcoms, and going to aerial classes.
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Michelle Gately

Hi, I'm Michelle! I write words and tell stories for a living as a journalist and marketer. So it makes sense that I'm devouring more words and talking about books in my spare time, right? I'm also an Aussie living in the UK. When I'm not thinking about words, I can be found cuddling my pug Percy, climbing or going on walks in the English countryside.