Episode 13

Written in the stars with Danielle Wood

Danielle Wood, Minnie Darke or Angelica Banks? Our guest goes by a few names but we just called her Danielle. You've probably seen Star Crossed on your Instagram and whether you follow astrology or not, it's a very fun read. We talked to Danielle about her inspiration for Star Crossed, her interest in astrology, writing and her experiences in journalism. In our intro, Michelle talks about her weekend trip to Liverpool and Caitlin discusses what she's been watching and reading. Interview starts at 16:20.

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Caitlin Toohey

Hi, I'm Caitlin! I've been on bookstagram since 2016, a podcaster since 2017, and worked in publishing since 2019. So books and reading are my entire life. When I'm not reading, I like listening to Taylor Swift, watching sitcoms, and going to aerial classes.
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Michelle Gately

Hi, I'm Michelle! I write words and tell stories for a living as a journalist and marketer. So it makes sense that in my spare time I'm devouring more words and talking about books, right? I've been podcasting since 2017 and now also work in radio. When I'm not thinking about words, I can be found cuddling my pug Percy and dreaming about moving back to England.